Tis not Westminster Mi’Lord!

Around the time of 1650, give or take a year or two. The kindred were sent into torpor…by design, by their own wish or enemies… they have no recollection. Their memories have been removed or damaged beyond simple repair. Hailing from England, their vague final recollections are of a meeting of high powered individuals including such notables as Thomas Wentworth, William Laud and King Charles I….. at which they were present…. they think.

Some years later they have risen from a deep sleep to find that , clad in the finest noble clothing, slightly rotted and out of fashion… that they were smuggled out of England during the rise of the Commonwealth of England. That they are very very hungry, awfully weak and can smell…..smoke!

January 5th 1753….and the house that Stuart built burnt down!



House of Stuart

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