House of Stuart

Brisk dwindling twilight

Fresh from a night of Nightmare less sleep.

Kindred stand around discussing what has been currently happening in the town of Churchill. Joffe Thought upon his warning, from Lady Julia Toulouse, to not draw upon his Vitae. He tried and called upon his resource only to find his flesh go lax and loose and stretch, extend and almost slide from his body as his blood blackened and tracked through his thin skin.

Antonio Videlle finds his way to Early mass of the evening, along with Anne Maria. Joshua Shinderwell Gave a strong sermon as usual against sloth, to tell all to work hard and slander Tom, also was rather harsh upon the local native population.

Anne Maria broached the situation about Joffe, only to be given the most sincere of apologies at to maybe bad tea or a cake and would come to see him and make him feel better.

Jerome went to explore the burned down Barn, collecting up some of the estate ghouls to investigate the Barn fire.

He finds strange tracks of animals which suddenly turned to those of a man and lead nowhere but also came from the house. He explored the barn finding lots of holes about the size of Coffins from which the vampires were extracted hastily, along with a smaller hole possibly containing the coffer of relics.

Joshua Woods informed Jerome that the last kindred who had been left to the flames, whom was not lost to the fire but ripped itself from ground and ran from the flames.

When all gathered back at the house to be told the wonderful news of Lady Toulouse would be coming to visit with cakes.

Jerome informed the others about the The 8th having not died but dug his way free.

Antonio Videlle went to visit the indian, made friends with him and started to learn about the Cree.

Meanwhiles, Lady Toulouse visited the estate and all the others to see upon their persons.. and their dead faces. To which after some exchanges Lady Toulouse revealed herself to be Fae-kin. Apparently a strange Spidery Fae-Kin.

She revealed what all suspected, that Tom was more then an average man, that he had great strange and anger within.

She spoke of Stephen Clagmore, to be a filthy and crass individual. He is an incredibly ‘lucky’ person, He is commonly seen with Sheneta Fresh and Rasmus Munk. Both o these seem to have uncanny luck in their lives, Lady Toulouse thinks them to gain undue luck through Stephen Clagmore.

She also told that Stephen, Joshua, and the kindred arrived 5 years ago, the next year Tom came upon the small town of Churchill.

After Lady Toulouse departed the Kindred went about to spruce up their home. Jerome Murdered his way through two tree’s worth of wood before abandoning his work on a crucifix, which looked odly like a lower case t. While Celestina D’Estie infuriated the Anne Carre of the home through frustration with Lace, wasting a good two boxes full along the way.

Joffe and Celestina D’Estie agreed to meet within the basement. Where Joffe was bled and then they attempted to feed him, to give him back some untainted blood. But it all went a little wrong, where Joffe fed upon Celestina D’Estie. A whole mess happened which resolved with all being fed but who knows how Joffe’s blood is now.


Lets clear this up, Gentlemen Joffe Jaffar and Celestina D’Estie, did NOT agree to meet in the basement, Celestina invited herself down and offered Joffe her blood only after he was drained completely and maddened with starvation.

Brisk dwindling twilight

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