House of Stuart

New Friends...we think

With life it can be said that their is always a sense of urgency, the nagging urge to act immediately to do..something, anything, to confirm one’s very existence. The dead generally don’t have this problem. So it was thus that the Kindred that awoke from a century of sleep just one night prior found themselves sitting around the house calmly discussing the path ahead, when Anne Maria polity interrupted to inform them about, others.

Apparently several other sarcophagi where kept elsewhere for safe keeping and the group agreed that they too should be awoken. And so they did, and as they watched on with some amusement 3 more Kindred eventualy found their way into the frosty night air. Gentlemen Joffe Joffar helped one starving kindred out of her coffin armed with only a crow bar and sheep, much to the chagrin of the others gathered. But in the end all emerged well and had their full upon the sheep before being brought in and questioned.

The Kindred that had awoken the night prior filled their new guests in on roughly what has occurred since they where torpored 100yrs. When they were finished some more, tasteful, drinks were offered, at first, then demanded of the guests. The guests were forced to dine upon one of the royal blooded ghouls. 2 of the new guests paid for their snack with searing pain marking them as prior Parliamentarians. After some harsh looks and grumbles from a few of the Kindred, Joffar suggested that we not take up some forgotten mantle that we wore 100yrs ago and forgot in Torpor induced nightmares and instead that we agree to work together for our mutual survival for at least as long as we stay in this small town. The motion was agreed upon for the time being by all parties present and everyone moved on to more pressing things, like exploring and renovating our new home.

The day did not pass without some disturbing dreams however. Each Kindred dreamed that day that they were on the docks, some saw London, one saw Moscow, while other knew not where they were, but the basis was the same. There were docks, a explosion in a neary by ship, fire that rained down in all directions. Many burned, some ran, some dove into the water. Yet all of the Kindred Awoke the next night feeling as thought it had been entirely real, to the point of even spending vite in their “sleep”.

Trust being as nearly a strained commodity as blood the Kindred did not discuss the dreams amongst themselves in much detail and instead talked about the local area and what cover story they could give themselves that would stick and not arouse too much suspicion amongst the locals. A trading party that were doing trade with the local Cree deeper in the woods seemed best though nothing had been settled upon. They also were made aware of a military fortification with at least 100 musket armed British Troops a day’s ride away.


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New Friends...we think

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