Bridge Master

Gruff, rough and tough.... and a vagrant.


Tom or The Bridge Master as he seems to like to be called, always looks like he has lived in the wilderness for a month or four and learnt nothing from doing so, his hair is tangled and matted, his teeth yellowed and his eyes jaundiced. But for all that he is a big man. Well built, tough looking but with very little to say for himself. The best most people can get out of him is a nod of thanks or a nod of requirement when paying the bridge toll.


Tom turned up some time back and simply took up the task of looking after the bridge over the river. It’s not a bridge that is used often and mainly by the Cree and Hunters, who seem happy enough to pay what ever toll he requests. In return Tom has maintained the rickety bridge these past years without complaint or payment and appears to live somewhere in the woods over the bridge.

Since he took the job there have been no issue with young Cree looking for fun in the town or raiding parties either. They seem to respect the tough vagabond.

Bridge Master

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