Joshua Shinderwell

A tall thin severe looking man.


Father Shinderwell, is a man on a mission. That mission is to ensure every man, woman and child of Churchill is focused on work! Working all the time. Working for the good that work brings, working to ensure that when the end comes, God will not find a single person on Churchill wanting. Because the Fathers knows that the end of days are coming and he is keen to make sure his congregation understand that. The end IS coming!!!

Where ever he goes he clutches his large bible as if the devil himself were trapped inside.

His influence is broad and with growing concerns of an French and English conflict the end of days do seem rather close! He also has a lot to say about layabouts and vagabonds, he’s keen to see Tom moved on.


Head of the Catholic Church in Churchill, his sermons always preach about the coming of the end of times and that everyone should work heard in the eyes of god and get their affairs in line. Shinderwell is from New York, he arrived in the town around 5 years ago. Shortly after the last Cree raid and displaced Father McGregor.

When Shinderwell preaches it is like a choir of angels are beside him, his conviction and presence can make a man believe that Mary herself is speaking through him.

Joshua Shinderwell

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