Khalid Abu Bilal

Algerian Moor appearing to be 30 years old


Embraced : 1631
Apparent Age : 30
Nationality: North African Moor

From Sale’ during it’s autonomous period, Saadin Empire (Morrocco)

- Blood Addiction
- Viniculum 1 to Catarina


All Khalid remembers is that he once belonged to the notorious Sale’ Rovers and was a successful Barbary corsair, on his way to becoming captain of his own ship. Then one summer day he sailed north with the Dutch Muslim Murat Reis the Younger, to Ireland where they raided a small village for slaves. He some how was caught by a woman who embraced him. It gets fuzzy from there and he remembers only that he was working in some dock areas at night helping her with shady back room deals, trading in flesh, opium, and more sinister things.

Khalid Abu Bilal

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