Madame Julia Toulouse

A striking woman in her 30s but who's beauty puts younger women to shame


Madame Julia Toulouse is what most men would call, the perfect woman. Striking good looks, impeccable manners and the perfect host for guests and parties. She always wears the latest fashion and constantly has packages coming from Europe with new clothing and hard to get foods and drink. She organizes monthly gatherings for the young women of the town as well as entertaining travelers and ships officers. She is not a “Madam”!


Madame Julia Toulouse is the widow of a French merchant captain who plied his trade in the area, he died at sea leaving Madame Julia his money, a lot of money. She settled in Churchill as a means of getting away from the grasping hands of young gentlemen (and not so young) trying to get their fingers on her body….and money.

Madame Julia Toulouse

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