The Bloody Slate

A stone tablet of red slate


The tablet appears to have been soaked in blood so long that it has seeped into the slate and colored it

The slate is a book. It requires a vampire of Blood Potency 3 or Occult 4 to even see the writing on the slate. It then requires 2 Dots in Latin to decipher and translate.

Once Translated it presents information on the world tonight.

Prince Royal : The kindred Prince of England in 1650. Had ruled England by the side of the royal family since House Stuart came to power. Potentially aided them to power and had toots going back into the distant history of the Stuart family. The fate of the Crown Prince is unknown. He is either in Torpor or sent to final death as none Childe can feel his presence.

The King : Was aware of the Kindred and had a blood oath with the Prince that bound them in an unbreakable alliance. The King oversaw the Kine, The Prince Royal the Kindred, one ruler by day, the other by night. King Charles the First is dead. His surviving issue may live in exile.

Royalists : Kindred and Kine loyal to the crown. Fought for the crown during the English Civil war (OOC : Aka Invictus). Royalist Kindred have been loyal to the crown since the creation of the Unseen Court. The return of power to the crown is paramount to their long term plans.

Parliamentarians : Kindred and Kine who rebelled against the crown and brought about the rise of Oliver Cromwell and the Commonwealth. Fought against the crown during the English Civil war (OOC : Aka Carthians). Ever oppressed by the Royalists, the Parliamentarian Kindred threw their power behind Cromwell and brought about an unexpected shift in the war due to their betrayal of the Crown Prince.

Inquisition/Catholic Church : While most of the world has been Catholic and loyal to the Pope, England has stood alone as the most prominent Protestant nation (along with the Dutch and Northern Europe) to some extent. The Inquisition (OOC : Aka Lancea Sanctum) has long felt that the Crown Prince has betrayed them and has waged war against the Kindred of England since the birth of the Church of England in 1534. They were active in Vatican support for the rise of the Parliamentarians.

Artes magicae : Hunted as witches by both the Inquisition and Church of England, the practitioners of the dark arts have always had to hide themselves away from the light, even more so the Kindred that followed this twisted path (OOC : Aka Ordo Dracul). Kindred of the Artes magicae tend to be loners and if they mingle with other Kindred they keep their pacts secret, least they find that being “burnt at the stake” the least of their worries. The first kown Kindred of the Artes magicae was Johannes Hartlieb (FD – 1623)

Royal Ghouls : Since the beginning of the rise of House Stuart a member of the family has always been chosen to be consort and liaison to the Unseen Court. A go between who can fall upon the sword or be exiled as necessary, and be trusted with the utmost secrets. Royal Ghouls tend to trained very highly in Majesty and Celerity. Have special talents for gaining Vitae and have blood that can be poison to All Kindred. They are also unable to donate more than one blood per day to a Kindred unless that Kindred is the Prince. Their blood counts as Vampire blood for the Prince.

Noble Ghouls : Royal related or adopted Ghouls who serve with the Royal Gouls. They tend to be more focused on Physical disciplines such as Vigor though a rare Noble may be trained in other areas. Unlike Royal ghouls their blood is not poisonous but does grant a Royalist Kindred 2 Vitae for each blood taken. None royalists gain no vitae from their blood.


The knowledge on this slate has been uncovered , read and shared with all the Kindred.

The Bloody Slate

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