Character Creation

The rules for Character creation follow here.

All players start as Vampires and are unaligned. The initial vampires join the game waking from Torpor. You were sent into Torpor around 1650 in England, though you need not be English. Other potential nationalities would include French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Prussia and even a Moor that fled to England from the inquisition. You remember nothing of your unlife, your only memories are of when you were embraced, so if you were embraced in 40 AD, then you will have no memory or skills etc that cover 40 AD through to 1650 AD.

Everyone starts the game speaking English as a 2 dot free merit. If you opt to start as a foreigner then your choice is to assume they are perhaps second generation and speak English but not their old native tongue. Or spend 2 dots to speak their own native language. Feel free to add other languages, such as Spanish, French, Dutch, Flemish, Danish….

Everyone will share a Haven and a common pool of experience for developing the Haven. At the start of the game you will have 20 points (total) to spend of which 1 dot must be given to each of the core Haven stats (Size, Location and Security). You need not spend the other 14 points until you are awake.

You may feel free to spend points on large amounts of resources and retainers, but I would recommend that you don’t, unless you want to have a rough time getting your hands on these items once you awake. I recommend you let me review any choices you make in this area.

If you expect your character to be smart etc then give him intelligence etc. There will be no 1 dot smart characters with great plans. i.e. 2 dots unless you want to be a total moron. 3 Dots if you want to be a bit clever.

You will start with a shared Ghoul Family – No other info on that will be given at this time

Your initial Blood Potency can be has high as your experience points allow you to go, however be warned, if you go into Torpor at BP 4…or even 3…. don’t expect to be woken any time soon by a friendly Prince with blood to spare and the good nature to assist you.

Starting EXP will be 40, plus Shared Haven EXP of 20. You can donate to the haven at start if you wish.

Character Creation

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