Other Rules

The following rules influence the way people can be targeted and resist powers.

On Edge :
If a target is on edge all attempts to target them suffer a -2 dice penalty


Frenzy :
All frenzy effects lower a targets ability to resist mental influence as they are not composed enough to defend themselves. Effects stack, a starving kindred near a fire suffers a dice penalty equal to the sum of all effects. At the same time though the person targeting them suffers the target “On Edge” penalty.


Supernatural Tolerance :
Applies where ever relevant


One Dot Attributes :
Intelligence (Power) – “Ooog!” Dogs are smarter than you and speak better.
Wits (Finesse) – A miracle you are not dead from your lack of awareness
Resolve (Resistance) – “Drugs! I Quit today, free sample? Sure let me try some.”

Strength (Power) – Couldn’t lift a shovel never mind use it.
Dexterity (Finesse) – Catch!! Ha, holding things is a struggle.
Stamina (Resistance) – Breathing makes you tired. A cold leaves to bed ridden for a month

Presence (Power) – Fireworks, bright pink clothes, loud speaker and still no one is interested.
Manipulation (Finesse) – Sledgehammer to crack a peanut.
Composure (Resistance) – AGGHH I see fire!!… YES over there on that hill top!!! Frenzy check.


Wounds :

Borrowing from SIFR, wound levels apply to ALL actions, not just combat. So they will lower movement, defense, combat actions as well as social and other skills by the standard wound penalty.

General Guideline to Experience Points :

Players will receive experience points as follows
- Turned up and participated :: 3 EXP
- Played in character most of the session :: 1 EXP
- Wow factor, in character action :: 1 EXP
- Played vice, virtue and derangement effectively :: 1 EXP
- Effective fun player (No arguments and no hogging the game time) :: 1 EXP
- Doing the session write up :: 2 EXP

Blood Potency EXP
- Turned up and participated :: 2 EXP
- Tasted Elder Vampire Blood :: 1 EXP

Haven EXP
- Turned up and participated :: 2 EXP (for the group)
- Effectively used Haven in the story :: 2 EXP (for the group)

Other Rules

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